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What London Shemale escorts do and what exactly are they?

Shemale escorts are she-males that work as personal assistants for clients that need a person around for a multitude of reasons. The basic definition of a Shemale is a man dressing and acting like a woman, cross-dressing and filling the role or part.

Transsexual escorts often role-play and work to ‘escort’ their clients in whichever way they can.

Most LondonTS escorts are very educated and fun to be with, why?

Because much of their job is client interaction, they must always be ready and able to converse at a higher level than most people off the street. Transsexual escorts are also often asked to go on weekend trips, full-week vacations, and business luncheons, so they must have an able mind to work at that type of necessary level. Here are the biggest/ most frequent jobs a transsexual escort must be willing to provide:

Loyal companionship: Most transsexual escorts work with clients on a lasting basis, meaning that most of their clients aren’t one-and-done business partners. Since transsexual escorts aren’t as easy to come by, most clients tend to hang onto those they can find.

Business outings: LondonTs escorts often assist their clients by being their ‘pretend’ wife on a business outing or event, sometimes leaking into a full weekend retreat. This is one of the biggest parts of their job.

Evenings out: Transsexual escorts are often hired out to be actual escorts on a night for the town. If this is what a client is looking for then they should make sure the escort they hire has at least a basic understanding of the area’s nightclubs, restaurants, and popular venues.

Bachelor parties: Transsexual escorts make a large chunk of their income at bachelor parties. They are often contacted by the best man and asked to spend the night with ‘the guys’ by role-playing, dressing up, and more.

Role-playing: (more on that below)
Transsexuals often work play-act as part of their services. Since a transsexual is an individual in simulated dress already, they often go past the normal male to female change and dress in any fashionable way the client prefers.

Extra fees and tips by LondonTS

Most involved in the escort industry don’t take tips, just as it is the accepted way of business for most escorts. The tip is generally expected to be built into the price and that is just the way it is.

Those involved in the transsexual escort industry actually promote tips and extra fees for their work however and it is the only escort service that really expects it for a few reasons.

Role playing is the main reason transsexual escorts expect tips from their clientele.

They usually go above and beyond the requirements made of them and most escorts privately cater to the needs of each client. Some clients prefer to dress up along with their escorts, which sometimes means the escort must provide clothing and accessories in their sizes. This can be an additional cost to the client but most likely ends up being paid in the form of a tip at the end of the service period.

Tips and extra fees are also often given out for things such as overnight, weekend, or full week services. Most transsexual escorts work hourly and when this is extended further they may drop their prices slightly but expect more compensation in the form of a tip.

London Shemale Agency versus independent

Because there isn’t as strong of a workforce regarding transsexual escorts, there aren’t nearly as many agencies specializing in the field. Most escorts in this category work as independents, and sometimes as sub-contractors to a variety of agencies.

This works to the benefit of everyone, the escort, the agency, and especially the client. A client wishing to connect with a transsexual escort simply needs to contact a basic escort agency and ask if they have any transsexual contacts in your area. If they do, you can typically work through the agency to get them in contact with you.

Finding Tv Ts Escorts in London

The outdated way to find a London Shemale escort was to look in industry magazines and print publications that were flat-out stuffed with advertisements from those looking for work.

The problem with this approach was most of the ads running were too small and if it was an agency ad they couldn’t possibly fit more than a tiny fraction of escort pictures that they had. Now things are a bit different.

One of the trickiest things a client looking for a transsexual escort probably has to do is, well, find the escort! Transsexual escorts are not the easiest to track down because there are fewer of them and fewer Shemale agencies specializing in them.

Internet is the Best Place to Meet Real LondonTs Escorts

The internet has helped clients locate transsexuals that look and act best for them but the hardest part is finding one that is close geographically. This is where our directory comes in. Our directory helps sort out where the independent transsexual escorts are located. For instance, you may find a wealth of transsexual escorts around the world but none in your specific city; but when you browse our selection you will find an agency that won’t just find you a transsexual escort, you’ll find the perfect match for your needs.